Diabetic Medicare Supplies for Central Virginia

Our Diabetic Patient's know that at Appomattox Drug Store they are dealing with experts in diabetic care Located in Appomattox, Virginia, we play a key role in diabetic care for Central Virginia. Although Medicare has covered diabetic testing supplies for years, many new patients do not realize that having Appomattox Drug Store bill Medicare for their daily diabetic supplies will save them a lot of money. There is no paper work for the patient to submit, one only needs to pay their 20% copay or, in the case of a supplement coverage the testing supplies are free.

Providing information and guidance concerning diabetic management is part of our excellent professional service to Central Virginia. We are easily accessible from all areas of the State of Virginia for diabetic help, most cities are only 2 hours from our retail store, or visit our website designed for diabetic patient's atwww.diabeticdrugstore.com.

Why we are the diabetic destination for Virginia:

1. Expert Professional Service

2. Diabetic experts on hand everyday to answer every question you have

3. Diabetic Medicare supplies billed to Medicare automatically for you

4. Personal service to all diabetic patient's, from calibrating meters, fitting diabetic shoes, helping with dry skin issues to sugar free snacks and cold medicine.

5. Pharmacist Rick Pack R.Ph. offers consultations on diabetic care by appointments, this is one asset that no one else has. Someone that knows diabetes and have professional knowledge about your condition and can advise you on medications, vitamins and management of your lifestyle.

All this is waiting for you at Appomattox Drug Store, so set time aside to come to Appomattox, Virginia, and see for yourself the Diabetic Destination of Virginia.

This information from the National Diabetes Education Program details how serious diabetes is for patient's. Appomattox Drug Store and Rick Pack R.Ph. Know how to explain diabetic care from testing supplies that are easy to use to preventing dangerous complications.

Terms such as "a touch of diabetes" or "your sugar is a little high" suggest that diabetes is not a serious disease. That is not correct and these terms should not be used.

Taking good care of diabetes will help you feel better and avoid the health problems diabetes can cause such as:

  • heart disease and stroke.

  • eye disease that can lead to vision problems or even going blind.

  • nerve damage that can cause your hands and feet to feel numb. This can lead to loss of a foot or a leg.

  • kidney problems.

  • gum disease and loss of teeth.

    When your diabetes is in good control, you are more likely to feel better and

    be less tired and thirsty and urinate less often.

  • heal better and have fewer gum, skin, or bladder infections.

  • be less likely to have blurry vision or numb hands or feet.

    Take control of your diabetes and prevent complications, Appomattox Drug Store can help!